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Tips for healthy hair

Try the Experts’ following tips to protect your hair from falling and severe dryness

1- Brush combing: hair brush styling is useful for scalp because it helps to stimulate blood circulation, it is recommended to coif by hairbrush about 5 minutes a day. Choose a thin brush with soft teeth.

2- binding hair strongly: It is strongly advised not to bind the hair vigorously to make a” ponytail” style or pigtail because that damages the hair. Be careful when you bind your small daughter’s hair.

3-Proper Nutrition: Eating a balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables has a positive effect on your hair. Make sure that these meals contain some zinc that is found in red meat, eggs, fish and dry beans.

4-Stress: Try to ease the pressure existing in your life through exercise, hobbies, or any other means of relaxation you prefer.

5- If you will be exposed to the sun for long periods, wear a hat or cap. Weather.

6-Hair Drying: Try to use hair dryers and hair irons that are not too hot, and the less you use them the better is that. The drier should not affect your hair, but it must be within a few centimeters of your hair. Go to a coiffeur who understands these things very well.

7- hair coloring and straightening: Try to limit coloring your hair or straightening it. Choosing shampoo and conditioner is important, especially if your hair has been colored or straightened before.

8-Cut Hair ends: Cut your Hair ends regularly, because the hair that its ends are not cut is more likely to be damaged. Make sure to cut your hair ends before coloring it.

9-Home recipes for hair care: for dry hair, put Yogurt and honey mixture and leave it for some time and then rinse hair. You can also use watercress oil as a treatment for dry hair.

10-Advice: Talk to your doctor if your hair problems seem frequent. Those problems may a signal of unapparent disease.

Tips for healthy hair

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