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Tips For Fast And Safe Recovery After Having A C-section

My delivery was by a C section with both of my children and immediately after waking up from the Anastasia my doctor told me that the secret for fast and safe recovery lays in eating nutritious foods after leaving the hospital specially those rich in proteins and vitamin c and trying to walk as soon as possible.

The devices did help me to a big extent and here are some tips to help you recover quickly after a C section.

1- After the effect of the Anastasia wears off you my feel a slight pin the the incision, nurses and doctors will not allow you to drink or eat any food until your intestines start working properly once again and you can make stool, after that the nurse will ask you to start walking to help yourself recover and prevent blood clots, walking may feel painful in the beginning however it is your first step towards a fast healing process.

2- Once you are allowed to eat again make sure to drink lots of fluids, milk, water and fresh juices to stimulate the milk production for your baby, also eat foods rich in protein and low in fat like grilled or boiled fish or grilled chicken or turkey breasts. Also foods and juices rich in vitamin C are important to boost your Immunity and prevent any infections.

3- Pay Attention from fast and sudden moves like sneezing, coughing or laughing, you can place your hand over the wound to support it or bend down while sneezing or laughing.

4- Sleep when your baby Sleeps and avoid exerting yourself and your efforts, relaxing is needed for a fast recovery and in order to avoid any consequences.
5- Avoid applying water directly to the wound to reduce the risks of infection.

6- Putting a supporting post Cesarean belt can reduce the pain you may feel while walking or getting out of the bed, the belt will also help flatten your stomach and prevent any flaps or sagging.

7- Make sure to take your antibiotics, painkillers and parental vitamins on time.

Tips For Fast And Safe Recovery After Having A C-section

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