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Eight Tips For An Easier Hair Removal Process

Removing body hair regularly is annoying yes but it is a must to enhance the beauty and enjoy soft and radiant skin, on this article we will present to you some helpful tips to guide you through this process so you spend less time and effort but still gain the best results so read on.

1- If you use Wax or sugar Wax, try to avoid moisturizing your body or face before picking the hair, your skin should be clean and completely dry, the grease will prevent the Wax from sticking properly on your skin and in result troubles the hair removal process.

2- If you are using Wax or sugar Wax to remove your body hair, spread it in the direction of the hair growth then pull it away from the opposite direction to ensure maximum hair removal.

3- If you are using hair removal cream for the first time, before you apply it to a big part or sensitive part of your body, opt to apply just a smear on a small part of your arm to determine whether or not you are allergic to the product.

4- If You Use razor for shaving your body hair, opt to wet up your body first with warm water, apply the suitable shaving cream then shave with a brand new sharp razor, then rinse your body with cool water in order to get your skin pores closed.

5- If you use Wax or sugar Wax to remove hair from your private parts make sure the hair is not any longer than 1/2 cm to reduce pain and irritation.

6- Make sure to get your whole body moisturized after removing your body hair whether by Wax, cream or razor.

7- Avoid using any toners or exfoliants at least two days after and before removing your body hair to avoid skin irritation and redness.

8- After removing the undesired facial hair clean it up with rose water which helps to close the skin pores then apply your regular moistrizer .
Tips For An Easier Hair Removal Process

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