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With These Tips Your Cooking Will Be So Delicious You’d Never Believe It

You must have heard about the fact that everyone can cook but not everyone can excel at cooking. And you must have heard some snobby chef somewhere saying that in order to cook well, cooking has to be in your DNA. And maybe I should stop saying things that will scare you of trying to cook better! However, the tips I will tell you now will make you improve your cooking in a way you never thought possible.

1-When cooking steak, start with the side of the steak with fat on it. This way, when searing that side, you will melt the fat and use it to cook the steak adding a new dimension of flavor to it.

2- Cauliflower needs special treatment when cooking. You need to keep it bright white, so you have to add either few drops of lemon juice or some milk. You also need to keep it rather firm so shock it with ice-cold water before serving. And if it does get overcooked, add it to your stews, soups or omelets.

3- Why is it that you never manage to make meat have this delicious brown crust when you try to sear it? It is because you don’t dry meat enough before browning it, and this makes it steam NOT sear.

4- Season your recipes with anything but salt during all the stages of cooking. With salt, just add it last.

5- When cooking fish, less is always more. The less herbs and seasoning you use, the better and more obvious is the flavor of your fish.

6- Taste can change every single time you cook, so don’t serve a dish before tasting it just because you have cooked the same recipe a hundred times before!

Tips Your Cooking Will Be So Delicious

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