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6 Tips That Will Make Using Contacts Easier and Safer

First of all, let me say that contact lenses are one of the most wonderful inventions ever. However, every last one of the man-made miracles has flaws, and contacts are no different. They are said to gather bacteria and need much hustle with the cleaning and sanitizing. Here are some great tips for making contacts use much easier and safer.

1- Contacts have to remain wet always so they wouldn’t scratch your eyeballs. Therefore, it is necessary to keep eye drops at all times. Have few spare bottles and keep them where you are at often, two at home, one at your work place…etc.

2- Contacts are made from silicon which a highly absorbent material. It can absorb bacteria and germs found in water very quickly. Therefore, before taking a shower or going for a swim, take off your contacts.

3- Make sure you check your eyes with your ophthalmologist once a year at most. He will recommend you new more comfortable contacts if there were any. He will also prescribe you new ones if your eyesight gets weaker.

4- The key word when using lenses is “cleanness”. Wash your hands well when using lenses then sanitize your contacts before wearing them. Wash the contacts’ case every few days with clean water and keep it with the contact solution somewhere clean.
Eyes are very sensitive and infections can rob you of your eyesight.

5- Follow the description on the contacts pack precisely, regarding the length of time for which you could wear contacts. As we have already mentioned, lenses are made of silicon which can absorb germs and bacteria, so prolonging the time of using lenses can severely damage your eyes.

6- Wear glasses instead of lenses from time to time. It is important to give your eyes some rest and some oxygen breathing time. So try to wear lenses for a few hours only every day (outside or at work for example).

Tips That Will Make Using Contacts Easier and Safer

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