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Four Tips To Care For Oily Skin During The Summer Season

Usually women with Oily skin don’t experience sever Aging Signs like wrinkles and flabbiness, but unfortunately Oily skin require more attention and care than any other type of skin and specially in the summer season and hot weather, the heat will cause the skin to produce even more oil which can lead to other skin problems like acne breakouts, therefore it is very important to keep your oily skin very clean all the time and specially during the summer, below are some tips to provide the needed care for your skin during the summer season.

1- Clean Your Skin Twice A Day.

One of the first recommendations for women with Oily skin is to keep their skin always clean, however cleaning your skin only twice a day seems ideal, as going over the top with cleaning your skin may get it dry, which will cause your oil glands to work harder to keep the skin moistrizer which can make the problem even worse.

2- Use Facial Wash With These Ingredients.

Use a facial cleanser that contain citric acid, salicylic acid and glycolic Acid, these ingredients will help removing the dead skin cells that clog your skin pores causing acnes to breakout, also when you are washing your face use lukewarm water and not cold water, lukewarm water helps to remove excess oil from the skin and unclog the pores.

3- Exfoliate Two To Three Times A Week.

Make sure to exfoliate your skin at least twice a week but maximum three times a week to remove dead skin cells and black heads, use rose water after exfoliating your skin and even after every time you wash your face, Rosewater will get your pores closed and reduce redness and irritation.

4- Don’t Rub Your Skin Too Hard.

While washing your skin or exfoliating it, try not to rub your skin too hard and just massage it in a circular motion gently, rubbing too hard may activate the oil glands more and can even lead your skin to get irritated.
Tips To Care For Oily Skin During The Summer Season

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