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Tips for Boosting Immunity in Preparation for Winter

Winter is the season when temperature drops really low really quick. With low temperatures, our bodies find it hard to cope and might fall a prey to any diseases going around. So, what is the solution? Boosting immunity. By enhancing our immune systems, our bodies will be able to better face any illnesses that come across in the winter season. So, here is how to do it:

1- Go to the gym. Exercise has been proven to boost our immune systems by 50%. This means you will have 50% less chance of catching diseases at winter. Moreover, going to the gym doesn’t just boost your immunity through exercise alone, but through communication with others as well. Because the more communication you have with others, the more antibodies your body will produce.

2- Wash your hands more often. By doing so, germs have lesser chance of infecting you or getting to your food or eyes, or wherever else matters.

3- Sanitize your hands with a hand sanitizer if you are unable to wash them. There are many places where a sink and a bar of soap are unavailable; as a result we need to be prepared at all times. A hand sanitizer in your pocket or purse will significantly lessen the germs that can hurt you.

4- Get vaccinated for the flue. You might be in favor of all natural treatments like honey and lemon, but getting a flu shot will lower the risk of flu up to 90%. It will even lessen the side effects if you happen to catch it.

5- Take multi vitamins. Multivitamins can prepare your immunity system for facing invasions from different germs at winter. It is recommended to take multivitamins with foods with a moderate percentage of fat. This way you will be sure that your body has absorbed all of the goodness in these powerful capsules.

Tips for Boosting Immunity in Preparation for Winter