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10 Tips for the beauty of your feet

Some women don’t care about their feet. As a result, they don’t have soft and healthy feet. There are some advices for women to help them take care of their feet in order to get beautiful feet.

1. You should moisturize your feet every day. This moisturizing prevents the build up of hard skin.

2. You should wash your feet daily. Warm water and soap are very important in washing your feet. They help in avoiding cases like athlete’s foot and also prevent bad smell of feet.

3. Wearing high heels every day causes serious problems for women’s feet and back. Therefore, they shouldn’t wear them all the time but they have to exchange heels with flats sometimes to avoid these problems.

4. To get soft feet use coconut oil or olive oil. Apply the oil after bath to soften your feet. To overcome the problem of dry feet, which some women suffer from, they should apply oil before sleeping and wear a pair of socks to leave the oil on overnight.

5. You should give your feet a break from shoes from one time to another. This helps very much to relax the feet.

6. You should always check your feet to avoid problems like fungi infections.

7. Use natural elements to brighten your feet. You can combine lemonade juice, glycerin and rose water.

8. You should wear the appropriate shoes that fit your feet.

9. Bananas help to soften the feet and they cure dry feet also.

10. You may soak your feet in warm water with baking soda. Soaking your feet softens them and facilitates removing hard skin.

Tips for the beauty of your feet

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