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Seven Tips To Avoid Shoe Bite

Most of us as women love to buy new shoes, we love to show off of them but unfortunately we get disappointed once we get a show bite, but fortunately there are some simple and easy ways to prevent shoe bites so you can enjoy wearing your new pail of shoes for as long as you wish, read on to learn more.

1- Put Some Oil.

One easy, safe and natural way to avoid shoe bites is by applying castor or coconut oil on the parts of your shoes where they are hard and hurt you, this method can be used even with leather shoes safely, the oil should get the hard leather a bit softened so it won’t hurt you anymore, leave the shoes for two or three days and you can wear your new shoes again without worrying about shoe bites.

2- Apply Petroleum Jelly Or Potato Juice.

Another simple way to make your shoes soft from within and easier to wear is by applying Petroleum Jelly on the parts of the shoes where they hurt, leave it for three or four hours then clean it off and wear your shoes again comfortably, similarly potato Juice can soften the leather of your shoes and make them more gentle on your feet, you can apply it inside of your shoes with no problem.

3- Apply Powder Or Cream.

After you follow the above tips, you can apply talcum powder on your feet every time you are going to wear the pair of shoes that hurt, the powder or cream should prevent the itchiness and toughness of the shoes on your feet.

4- Put On a Band-Aid.

Many women learn where in their feet their shoes may hurt and they put a Band-Aid before wearing the shoes, it is an easy and comfortable way to avoid shoe bites and blisters that occur from new or hard leather shoes.

5- Choose Comfortable Shoes.

Most of us while buying shoes we consider the design and color more than the comfort, but uncomfortable shoes may be painful to wear and we may end up just putting them away which is a waste of money, the next time you are shopping for a pair of footwear, make sure you choose the right size and a comfortable design that won’t harm your feet.

6- Apply A Homemade Paste Of Rice Powder And Water.

If you already got a shoe bite and it is painful, make a paste of rice flour, mix it with adequate amount if water to form a paste and apply it on the painful area of your feet then wash it off after some time, this should provide an immediate relief so you can move around easier.

7- Rub Wax.

Rub a candle on the area of your shoes where it is hard and may cause shoe bite, the Wax should soften this area and make it easier on your feet.

Tips Avoid Shoe Bite

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