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Time Saving Bathroom Cleaning Hacks

Don’t you really hate it when it is time to clean the bathroom? So when it is that time of the week to clean the bathroom, it is important to finish up in as little time as possible to sanitize yourself after and reward yourself by doing something good to forget the bathroom cleaning experience quickly. Here are some tips that will help you with that.

1- What you use for holding your toothbrushes is usually something made from porcelain or plastic. Both materials are dishwasher safe so put them in the dish washer and run the normal cycle. Spray them with a disinfectant solution and put them back. No scrubbing needed.

2- Don’t you hate it when it is time to face the mold on your shower curtains? When it is that time, put your shower curtains in your washing machine with few towels or sheets and some detergent. Run the normal cycle, then hang the shower curtains and let them drip dry.

3- A clogged drain can be really bothersome. Just drop a tablet or two of Alka Seltzer down the drain, and then pour in a cup of vinegar. Wait for 10 minutes, then pour in some hot water. Caustic soda works too!

4- You do not need to scrub the bathroom grout and tiles to make them shiny. Just run the hot water a bit until the bathroom is full of steam, then spray the tiles with 1:1 mixture of bleach and water. Let them dry out completely then rinse them with cold water.

5- To clean your toilet, drop two tablets of Alka Seltzer and let them set for 15 minutes. Scrub the bowl with the toilet brush then flush off the stains.

6- Use some shaving cream to clean the bathroom mirror and prevent it from fogging. Rub the mirror with some shaving cream and a paper towel. Wipe the rest of the shaving cream off. Your bathroom mirror will be super shiny.

Time Saving Bathroom Cleaning Hacks

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