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5 Things You Shouldn’t Do When You’re Twenty Something

When you are twenty something you feel like the world has opened its arms to you and that you are full of enough vigor and energy to do almost anything. However, when you are already past these years, you look back at them with regret saying, “What did I waste my time on?” and “what did I do to myself and others?’.

Here is what you shouldn’t do if you are twenty something so you wouldn’t have these regrets later:

1- Stop achieving the bare-minimum, or in layman terms, stop doing a half assed job. I know that fun and partying is very important. I know you make most of your friends at this age. But you are gonna grow into your older years someday and you have to climb the career ladder and prepare for responsibilities that may come later.

2- Stop being ungrateful. It is often that you see people in their twenties having an attitude and giving hell to those who have the misfortune of encountering them. Being agreeable will always make things easier for you and others.

3- Stop laying the blame on others for your faults. Aren’t you too old already for, “he/she did it”? Acknowledging your mistakes means you are willing to fix them and learn from them.

4- Stop mooching off your parents. You have to realize that your parents aren’t young anymore to cleanup after you and provide for you. You also have to realize that they aren’t going to live forever so you need to stop relying too much on them.

5- Stop looking for acknowledgment from others. Even if you are good at your job and have achieved many great things in it, do not wait for others to complement you. Looking for immediate gratification is obstructive for success and plain childish.

Things You Shouldn't Do When You're Twenty Something

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