Things that can wreak havoc on your teeth

It is natural for everyone to wish for a beautiful and sparkling smile but using white strips and brushing seem to be not enough. Sports drinks, which become popular recently, are among the factors that can ruin your smile as they could cause teeth erosion due to their high concentration of acidity in addition to the high level of sugar causing tooth decay and cavities.

Most bottled waters do not have enough fluoride, which is very essential for protecting the teeth from decaying and repairing early decay. Water fluoridation, as revealed by several studies, is the most effective source of fluoride.

Diabetes increases the risk of gum disease, thus diabetics should monitor their blood sugar, have their cholesterol levels checked and seeing the dentist regularly in addition to brushing and flossing to maintain good gum health.

Smoking has numerous bad effects on your teeth; it makes your teeth yellow and forms a sticky layer promoting bacteria production, which causes gum inflammation and tooth decay.

Diet pills can be another cause of gum disease and tooth decay because they decrease salivary flow leading to a dry mouth, which increases the risk of the above mentioned, so if you want to lose weight, follow a balanced diet and exercise instead of diet pills to protect your teeth and smile.

Drinking wine can harm your teeth enamel due to its acidity, and pregnancy as well can cause gum inflammation because of the changes in the hormone levels. Eating a lot of candy is another thing to be avoided because it leads to bacteria occurrence causing a number of problems like tooth decay and gingivitis; when you eat candy, you should brush and floss immediately or at least chew a sugarless gum or eat yogurt to increase saliva flow which neutralizes acids.
wreak havoc on your teeth

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