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Three Things To Worry About During Your Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a wonderful experience for the woman, however unfortunately not all women get that magical healthy pregnancy, in fact most women experience several health conditions during their pregnancies, from sever morning sickness, to gestational diabetes to back pain and other illnesses and problems, some problems will be clear and noticeable while other health problems may be covered therefore it is very important to constantly check your pregnancy progress with your doctor and make sure you make your blood check and ultrasounds on time, although most of the problems women face during pregnancy are quit common and normal, some are dangerous and you should look out for, below are three things to worry about during your pregnancy.

1- Dehydration.

Some women suffer from sever morning sickness that may even last with them throughout the day making them unable to hold anything in their stomach even a little water, the growing fetus is depending completely on the nourishment it is receiving from the mother, and if the mother is not properly fed and Hydrated, that could be life threatening for the fetus, if your morning sickness is sever you must consult your doctor immediately .

2- Gestational Diabetes.

Although the number if pregnant women who experience gestational diabetes are just a few, gestational diabetes is something you should definitely keep an eye on and try your best to avoid, while some women get rid of the diabetes by their babies are born, some other women stay diabetic for the rest of their lives, not to mention that gestational diabetes may cause birth defects for the baby, therefore try to not give in too much to your cravings during pregnancy and surely control how much sugar you eat.

3- Vaginal Bleeding, Spotting or Sever Lower Abdominal Pain.

Whenever you experience any pinkish, brownish or red Spotting during your pregnancy at any stage you much check with your doctor immediately, it could be a warning sign of miscarriage or premature labor, also if you experience any lower abdominal pain or contractions, don’t take it simple and seek help as fast as possible.

Beside the above things to worry about during your pregnancy you should also stay away from sever stress as much as possible as it could cause several health problems for you and your fetus.
Things To Worry About During Your Pregnancy

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