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Three Things Women With Oily Skin Should Never Do

Oily skin is pretty common among women of all ages and it is a problem that makes applying makeup and other daily beauty routine hard, women with oily skin are more prone to several skin problems like acnes, pimples and open pores than others, hence it is crucial to learn how to deal with an oily skin so you don’t cause yourself more harm than good following wrong skin care and beauty routines, here are a few things you should completely avoid if you have Oily skin.

1- Don’t Use Stripping Toners.

Skin Toners are tempting for us all women, however women with oily skin should avoid Toners, Toners tend to dry the skin out which cause the oil glands in your skin to over work and produce even more oil which can make your problem worse, our skin is meant to stay hydrated and moist, once it dries up, it starts producing more oils to moisturize itself, so instead of using alcohol based Toners opt to use natural substitutes like Aloe vera gel with lemon juice or witch hazel.

2- Don’t Use Greasy Moisturizers.

Drying up the skin should be avoided as well as adding extra unneeded grease, using Moisturizers that contain Petroleum oils or even vegetables oils is not suitable for those with oily skin, instead opt to use oil-free moisturizer which instead of clogging up the pores with grease that eventually lead to breakouts, locks the moist and water into the skin to keep it Hydrated.

3- Don’t Wear Thick Makeup.

If you have Oily skin try not to wear thick makeup often specially if you know yourself to be too lazy to clean off your makeup before bed, makeup can clog your skin with the excess oil your skin is producing, when you are buying makeup try to look for oil-free makeup that contain niacin which is one if the vitamin B family that is known to nourish the skin while absorbing oil.
Things Women With Oily Skin Should Never Do

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