Five Things To Do When You Have Soar Throat

With the change of seasons, cold symptoms hunt us down which slow us down and reduce the quality of our days, one if the first signs of cold is soar throat, but soar throat can also be an indicator for throat or vocal cords infection, and because soar throat can be unbearably painful, I brought you this article with the most effective home remedies to relieve soar throat, so read on.

1- Drink Plenty Of Fluids : Make sure to drink plenty of fluids whether warm drinks or natural juices or even just regular water, the fluids help to hydrate the mucus membranes which helps to fight germs and allergens. Fluids and water also help your body to flush out toxins through sweat and urination so it is another way to help yourself get better faster.

2- Tea : Drink warm teas alot if you have soar throat, all types of tea whether green, red or white tea contain powerful antioxidants that will help to get you well faster, beside teas are also diuretics which is another way to help flush toxins out of your system.

3- Feed On Vegetables And Chicken Soup : Chicken soup with vegetables is the best thing you could eat while suffering from a soar throat as it provides your body with the needed nutrients without adding any swallowing difficulties like other solid foods, also the warmth and sodium in the soup will help alleviating the sharpness of the pain.

4- Gargling : Studies proved that Gargling with salty water help to reduce swelling in the throat while killing harmful bacteria that could be causing throat infection, it also helps to reduce the pain and make you feel better, however try to gargle with warm salty water as many time a day as you can.

5- Take Honey With Lemon : Honey is known as a powerful natural antibiotic, the lemon too is a perfect antibacterial, both together can provide an instant relieve from soar throat pain.
Things To Do When You Have Soar Throat

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