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Things You Should Never Use Your Microwave for

Microwaves are a necessity in today’s modern house. They are practical and they save your time. But people tend to use microwaves without really understanding how they work, and this might cause a lot of serious damage. Here we will tell you about what you should not use your microwave for.

1- Defrosting meat is one of them. It is difficult to deal with frozen meat using microwave. It cooks the outer surface of the meat while inner layers are not even thawed yet. This can be unhealthy and might cause several health risks like spreading bacteria.

2- We all know that putting metal utensils in a microwave spells real fire
hazard, but have you thought about things that contain metal in very small portions? Very small like, decorations on fancy china plates or the handles of Chinese food takeout containers. These can lead to fire too.

3- Hard boiling eggs in a microwave is a serious fire risk. In best case scenario, eggs will explode messing up your microwave from the inside and give you a hell of a cleaning time.

4- Plastic containers are safe to heat in a microwave since they don’t blow up, right? Wrong! There are about 450 types of plastic containers which transfer estrogen-like chemicals to your food when heated in microwave.

5- Heating liquids in a microwave is something you should never do. You see, in the natural method of boiling where you use gas stoves or boilers, bubbles are formed preventing overheating, and this doesn’t happen in microwaves making heating water in it a major scalding risk.

6- Heating things in Styrofoam containers in microwave is dangerous as well. People seem to apply the same theory: “if it doesn’t blow up, then it is safe” here. When heated, Styrofoam leak chemicals hazardous to your health into your food.

Remember to read the user’s guide of your microwave carefully before using it to know how to use it, and what to use it for.

Never Use Your Microwave for

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