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5 Things You Should Toss Away Right This Moment

Most people buy many things thinking they are safe to use. Some even buy them because they think they are healthy. However, there are many things which aren’t healthy or even safe to have around. In this article, we will list some of them so that you throw them away right this moment.

1- Live-something plus and any other antibacterial soap brands are one thing you should take out of your bathroom and toss away quickly. Last year’s FDA report has clearly stated that antibacterial soaps do more harm than good. They don’t kill more bacteria than regular soap and they even have the dangerous quality of making bacteria immune against disinfectants.

2- You might already know this, but old tooth brushes should be tossed away after two-to-three months of usage. After this time they are worn out and they keep some bacteria by then.

3- Bigger sizes of clothes which you don’t wear anymore because you’ve lost weight should be tossed away as well. Keeping them pushes you unconsciously to slip back to your old habits that made you over-weight in the first place. Besides, by getting rid of them you are making more space and reducing clutter.

4- Old mascaras and liquid eyeliners should be tossed away as well. Their substance is something that bacteria and germs love to use as breeding grounds. So toss them away three months after first using them, and next time, buy smaller containers that wouldn’t stay long enough for bacteria to breed.

5- Air fresheners should be tossed away as well. The smells in air fresheners are in fact very airy and shouldn’t stick around long. So, what make them do? A substance called (phthalate) does. This substance is eco-unfriendly and causes reproduction problems for humans. Use scented candles or oil diffusers and burners instead.

Things You Should Toss Away Right This Moment

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