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5 Things You Should Throw in The Garbage Bin Now

We keep all sorts of junk in our houses in the spirit of being cleverly thrifty. Some of this junk is useful or even worth keeping about, and can be turned with a little elbow grease and imagination into great thing. And some can cause you health issues so serious that it is better to throw them in your garbage bin now, including:

1- Old lenses cases are one of the things that you should get rid of quickly. Your eyes are one of the most important and vital parts of your body and you don’t want anything to harm them. Yet you do by using the same lens case forever. Replace it every three months.

2- Did you know that you should replace your sneakers after you finish 500 kilometers using them? (That is about 110- 120 hours.) However, people keep their old sneakers for ages and even pass them to other family members sometimes. Old Sneakers lose their ability to absorb shocks, which means they can cause serious damage to your back, feet and knees.)

3- People reuse old plastic containers all the time, and I myself am in favor of reusing them ONLY if you are using them for storing things other than food and drinks. Plastic containers contain Polycarbonate (printed on them the letters “PC”). When heated in microwave, PC releases toxic particles that can cause allergies and impaired digestion.

4- Margarine has always been used as a replacement for butter for many reasons, most important of which is that it is lower in calories. However, our bodies don’t count calories, they just know what is natural and what isn’t, and what is safe to digest and what isn’t, and margarine ISN’T.

5- Diet sodas are something people always keep around because they think it is an effective way to lower their sugar intake. Diet drinks contain toxins that disturb the good bacteria that live in our intestines. Besides, they cause many other health risks and are the number 1 contributor to weight GAIN.

Things You Should Throw in The Garbage Bin Now

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