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Things That Can Significantly Decrease Your Immunity

Humans have always lived surrounded by things that have different proportions of germs. So why is it that some people get sick all the time while others rarely do? The answer is that the immune system is stronger for some people compared to others, and while there are things you do that strengthen it, there are other things you do that can also weaken it. For example:

1- Unsociability is a habit that can damage your immune system a lot. So maybe most people are jerks and nitwits, but this doesn’t mean you should avoid them altogether. By socializing with others, you can meet some wonderful people, and even if you don’t, you will be boosting your immune system.

2- Repressing thoughts and feelings is one of the things that can damage your immune system. Maybe you think it is appealing to adopt a stoic attitude and a poker face, but the price here will be your immune system. Expressing yourself every now and then can protect you from various illnesses and boost your immunity.

3- Lack of sleep has an ever growing list of disastrous effects on your health, one of which is poor immunity. It was scientifically proven that those who sleep few hours every day have fewer numbers of white cells and antibodies compared to those who sleep eight hours a day.

4- This might seem silly but the habit of using other’s stuff can greatly damage your immune system. This includes signing documents with your coworker’s pen, handling your friend’s smart phone, trying on their lipstick and other similar things that mean using what isn’t yours.

5- Medicine abuse is one of the things that can slowly but surely weaken your immunity. Whenever you have the slightest bit of cold or sore throat you rush to the pharmacy not giving your body the opportunity to fight it out. And you don’t even try herbal or food remedies which are in many cases more effective than antibiotics and cough syrups.

Things That Can Significantly Decrease Your Immunity

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