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5 Things You Should Do to Ruin Your Skin Quickly and Effectively

First of all, before the lashing and name calling starts, I am not telling you that you should really do something to ruin your skin. What I am saying here is some sort of “reverse psychology” if I can really call it that. In short, avoid doing the following things if you want your skin to be as smooth and youthful looking as possible.

1- First thing you need for destroying your skin is smoking. Smoking is a sure and effective way for killing much more than just your skin. You can also make sure that by smoking, you are depriving your skin of oxygen and destroying the nutrients it needs.

2- Tanning and using self tanners are other effective way of destroying your skin. Some might think that self tanning is a smarter choice than sun tanning but it is not. You are just concentrating the damage you are getting from ultraviolet rays in lesser time. If you like sun kissed look so much use bronzing powders and foundations.

3- You hate pimples? You just loath how they look on your skin and feel under your fingers? You have an irresistible itch to pop them out? Sure go ahead, if you don’t mind the scars that will happen and the spreading of germs and bacteria inside them! If you do mind, use an antimicrobial ointment and clean your skin gently.

4- Sun is a great blessing. To enjoy this blessing fully you need to soak in as much sunrays as you could. While you are at it, forget all about bothersome things like applying sunscreens. These things are pricy, and they will prevent you from going through the wonderful experience of skin cancer.

5- Enjoy other wonderful blessings like high glycemic index foods and fried junk food full with free radicals. Not only will you ruin your skin, but you will get many other problems like cancer, obesity, diabetes…etc. What a bargain!

Things You Should Do to Ruin Your Skin Quickly and Effectively

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