5 Things People Do Every Day That Can Lead to the ER

Did you ever consider the consequences of sneezing or drinking water? Some day to day activities can be quite lethal if you don’t take care. There is no need to get paranoid about everything you do, just arm yourself with the power of knowledge by reading the rest of this article.

1. Walking in Flip-Flops

When you walk in flip-flops, which are mostly arch-less, you put your feet in trouble because you have to bend your toes to keep those slippers on. This can ultimately lead to an agonizing tendonitis in your feet. The way you walk in flip-flops can also harm your hip and knees.

2. Wrong Sneezing

Once a man in Boston decided to pinch his nose and shut his mouth while sneezing. This action took him straight to emergency because the pressure created by the sneeze injured his larynx. In order to ensure the safety of your voice box while sneezing, leave at least one of your airways open.

3. Drinking Water Excessively

Diluting nutrients and essential minerals such as iron in your blood with excess intake of water can lead to a toxic condition known as hyponatremia. This condition is not common and is usually noticed in athletes who chug a lot of water without replacing the nutrients lost in sweat.

4. Putting on Skinny Jeans

Extremely tight jeans can obstruct blood flow to your legs and put pressure on your thigh nerves. This causes a condition called meralgia paresthetica whose symptoms include a burning sensation in the outer thigh and numbness in any part of your lower body.

5. Overworking Your Muscles

If you put your muscles under extreme pressure with vigorous exercise, proteins might leak from them into your bloodstream. These proteins can reach your kidneys and lead to a condition called rhabdomyolysis. So take it easy when your body signals extreme pain.
People Do Every Day That Can Lead to the ER