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3 Things Parents Should Not Say to Non Parents

Although the things I am going to say are somewhat obvious mistakes, most parents commit them nonetheless. And this is completely natural. Parents are not some mystical beings armed with an innate knowledge of what to do and what not to do.

They are mere humans who make mistakes when raising their kids, and sometimes something wonderful can come out of these mistakes.

1- One of the things parents should not say to non parents is, “you think you are drained? Have kids” of course, the same goes for other similar descriptions instead of (drained) such as tired, unhappy, missing out on life, overworking yourself…etc. Life is not some sort of a race in which we compare the performance of each one of us. And saying such things can push people away from you.

2- “Count your blessings, when you have kids you will know who SpongeBob is, or you will not be grossed out by the idea of changing diapers, or you will find that sleeping for 5 hours is more than enough…etc”. Having kids is not everyone’s decision so don’t go around assuming that anyone would always want to have kids. And some people might really want to but can’t, and you are hurting them with such words.

3- When someone tells you about the difficulty they find in training dogs you answer something like: “dogs are not kids”. Well, I don’t think it takes that much thinking to tell the difference between the two species. So, your friends already know that dogs are not kids. They just want to share with you the fact that they too have something alive that they love and that loves them back.

Having children is a wonderful experience. However, it should be an enriching experience that makes us better towards both ourselves and others.

 Things Parents Should Not Say to Non Parents

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