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4 Things You Must Never Do When Picking Lighting

What are the basic and most important elements of décor? Design, color and lighting. And people usually are not so bad when picking the colors of their walls, or the designs of their furniture.

However, they do all that well and ruin all their efforts with poorly chosen lighting. In this article, we will help you spot these mistakes you and others do when choosing lighting so you would avoid them.

1- Overhead lighting is such an outdated lighting trend and it doesn’t look good at all. It is too strong and concentrates the effect of light on places and completely neutralizes this effect on others. Lighting that can be dimmed or strengthened, and shades are all things that bring out the beauty of designs and colors in your place.

2- Even if you don’t want to waste your money, don’t choose one light source for each room. It will waste your efforts on other areas of the décor and it is not practical either. You don’t want to run in circles looking for a flashlight when this sole lighting source is broken.

3- There are places in your house that are in dire need for lighting, and ignoring these places can cause problems later. For example, backsplash tiles could be dimmed out by the shadow of the cabinets above them. This could make preparing meals in such an important space difficult without lighting installed there.

4- Don’t just go choosing the first light bulb you see in a hardware store when buying lighting fixtures. Choose something of a suitable power. Too strong wattage can be a waste of money and resources, while a too weak lighting can be an accident risk in your house.

Things You Must Never Do When Picking Lighting

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