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10 Things Mothers Feel and Think But Don’t Say

First of all, why is it even important to know what mothers think and want or not want to say? It is because motherhood is about the toughest job in the whole world, and there are not ultimate classes or wonder pills that prepare you to become a perfect mother. As a mother you will feel disheartened and distressed at times, and would want to say certain things to express what you feel such as:

1- Being a mother scare the hell out of me. It is the scariest and most overwhelming experience ever.

2- I used to think that I am feeble, weak and so dependant, until I became in charge of this responsibility. That is when I learned how powerful I am and could be.

3- Sleep is one of the dearest and most precious things in the world. I would trade all these nights I had spent partying late before for a good night sleep now.

4- As a mother, I am always learning. I am always facing new experiences and obstacles through my children, and I learn something new from them every time.

5- Sometimes I feel so stressed and overwhelmed that I want to lock myself inside the bathroom and cry my eyes dry and bang my head against the wall.

6- I love my spouse in a whole new different way. It is not just a rush of hormones anymore. Our kids have brought us closer to each other and made us learn and love more things about ourselves.

7- Although I love my children no matter what they are like, there will be times when I find myself not liking them and this shouldn’t make any mother feel guilty.

8- I have the best job ever. My clients love me for me, not for the money I make them.

9- I never new I could be this judgmental or fear judgment myself.

10 – There are times when I space out when my kids are playing because this is the only form of rest available for me.

Things Mothers Feel and Think But Don't Say

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