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5 things to do in the morning makes you happy all day

The way you start your morning usually affects the entire day. so if you want to work well you should start your day well and these steps will help you on that:

rose beside morning coffee A
Physicists say that roses give the human a lot of comfort and confidence. so the presence of one of nature elements in the morning in front of your eyes gives you something of confidence of having a nice day .

Drinking a glass of orange juice
If you awake with a lot of tension ,you’d better drink a glass of orange juice because it contains vitamin B6 and folic acid that prescribedto relieve stress.

Exercise in the morning refreshes the circulation , energizes the heart and the muscles and improve your mood even if you encountered a nightmare in your past night. of course, exercise in the early morning is matchless and gives you a wonderful feeling of force in the face of daily difficulties .

Do not cry before going to sleep
Sleep gives the brain the opportunity to store memories so that they are alive forever, including feelings. Experts say that the last thing you do before going to sleep is what appears on the surface of the memory in the next morning. and I think that crying before going to sleep is not of the happy things that you should remember in the morning.

Morning kiss
For married couples , kisses can help you start a happy morning .kisses enhance the love hormone which improves your mood and gives you a day full of happiness and increases your ability to cope up with pressure as well.

things to do in the morning makes you happy all day

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