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5 Things That Make a Man the Man of Your Dreams

In every phase of girls’ life, life partners are regarded differently. At first, they are knights in shining armor on the backs of white horses (or unicorns). After that, they are boys who could write some sentimental mush in a poem and doesn’t look under your bestie’s skirt. Then they are those who are wealthy and handsome. And finally, they are whoever is presentable enough and not a total jerk. However, if you find some of the following qualities in a man, know that he is 100% Mr. Right material.

1- He gets along well with your family and friends. In other words, they will want to talk with him and befriend him whether you are going steady or not. Most likely, you will hear things like, “If you don’t marry him, I gladly will!” from your mom and friends.

2- He gets along well with kids. This means he doesn’t hate the idea of starting a family and having kids of his own. If you are – by any chance – are asked to babysit a friend’s or a family’s child, he helps happily and willingly.

3- He likes cooking. I especially like this trait (and you should too). Most men are lazy, and would rather order some takeaway junk food instead of bothering with cooking. And this man who enjoys cooking isn’t one of them. He is one who is willing to slave over the stove to please you.

4- He gives you sincere compliments that show you he notices even the tiniest changes in you, like when you wear a new pair of earrings, put on a new tiny hair accessory, or even wear a new shade of lipstick.

5- He takes care of himself. Not in an egocentric way, but in a healthy good one, such as taking care of what he eats, exercising, applying healthy habits etc.

Things That Make a Man the Man of Your Dreams

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