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Seven Things Lemon, Salt And Pepper Treat

Lemon, salt and pepper are not things that can only make salad delicious, but you can use them as medicine effectively.
Indeed, many people use these ingredients to cure everyday ailments, another reason is that, people are nowadays preferring homemade remedies rather than chemical medications due to their several side effects that everybody is aware of now.
Here’s a list of the ailments that these three ingredients can treat.

Soar Throat.

Relieve the pain your throat by combining lemon juice with one teaspoon of salt and teaspoon of fine black pepper powder and warm water, gargle with this solution three times a day to sooth your sore throat.

Congested Nose.

Get rid of your clogged noses and the congestion by sneezing, the best thing to make you sneeze is smelling black pepper. Another way you can decongest your nose is by dripping salt water solution in your nostrils, combine half a teaspoon of salt with 200 ml of warm water and drop one or two drops of this solution in each nostril.

Remove Gallstones.

The hardened digestive fluids that get stuck in your gallbladder and cause problems and pain can be removed naturally.
Combine three parts of olive oil with one part of salt and one part of lemon juice and take that everyday before bed to dissolve the stones.

Canker Sores.

To treat those painful sores and ulcers that appear in your mouth, mix Himalaya salt wit warm water and swish it around your mouth several times after each meal, this will eliminate bacteria and speed the healing process.

Aids In Weight Loss.

Mix 1/4 teaspoon of ground black pepper with two tablespoons of plain lemon juice on an empty stomach everyday to speed up your metabolism and promote detoxification, the polyphenols found in lemon helps in boosting energy levels and insulin sensitivity which in return aids in weight loss.

Soothes Nausea.

The scent of lemon will help reduce nausea while black pepper will relax your upset stomach, mix 1/4 teaspoon of black pepper with the juice of one lemon in a large glass of warm water, sweeten with honey if you want and drink slowly until you start feeling better.

Alleviate Tooth Aches.

Mix 1/2 teaspoon of each black pepper and clove oil, apply his mixture on your sore tooth for two minutes, floss and brush the mixture in your gums and you should feel better.

 Things Lemon, Salt And Pepper Treat

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