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Things That Should Be in Every Lady’s Wardrobe

Did you know that you can tell a lot about any woman just by observing the things in her wardrobe? A lady’s wardrobe is just like a window to the part of her head that cares about fashion. And no matter how much different women are, there are certain things that should be available in every woman’s wardrobe.

1- A durable well-made bag. This bag well be your best work friend, so it should be able to handle wear and tear, and has enough space and as many pockets as possible. With all these requirements, it is expected that the bag will be anything but cheap, but believe me, it is worth it.

2- New pair of comfy underwear. It is this specific type of garments that receives most of the damage. With the constant washing and drying, underwear’s material deteriorates a lot and you wouldn’t feel comfortable wearing it. So buy a comfortable – yet affordable – pair of underwear each month or two.

3- A lucky dress\suit. Sometimes you are required to look your best (even when you don’t feel like it). And for these certain times you should have something in your wardrobe that will achieve that purpose. For this you need to have something tailored just for you instead of the regular sizes of store bought clothes.

4- Few pairs of jeans. Few that achieve comfort and some that flatter your looks. You can use the comfy jeans for exercising, house chores, or even as pajama pants. The sexy jeans, however, can be paired with so many things that can make you turn heads left and right.

5- Something that shows some of your skin. And please please don’t get dragged by the majority’s opinion and make it something that shows cleavage, legs or back. It doesn’t have to be that skin or no skin at all.

Things That Should Be in Every Lady's Wardrobe

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