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6 Things Usually Kept in Your Bathroom When It Shouldn’t Be There

When you ask people, “what do you usually keep in your bathroom?”, the answer would usually be something like this, “towels, meds, makeup, hairdryer and maybe a radio”. Well, did you know that you shouldn’t keep all these things and some others in your bathroom? Here we will list the things you shouldn’t keep in your bathroom, and why you shouldn’t keep them there.

1- I guess it makes a lot of sense to store and hang towels inside your bathroom. After all, it is where you shower and wash your hands. However, don’t do it. Towels’ fabric is very absorbent and can keep moisture for a long time. Moisture that can help in the growth of mildew, mold and bacteria. You can hang towels outside your bathroom on the wall next to it so they can be aired quickly.

2- Many women store makeup in bathroom. However, the constant change in temperature in a bathroom and the high humidity there can deal a lot of damage to your makeup and shorten its life dramatically.

3- Many bathrooms are equipped with a cabinet in which you could store medicine. However, the temperature can get too hot sometimes for your medicine making it lose its validity. Most of our meds can’t be even stored at room temperature.

4- Both men and women keep razors in their bathrooms. Razors in a bathroom can make a huge tetanus risk since steam can get to them making them rust. Even when they don’t rust the can get blunt and ineffective.

5- Do you keep – and use – a radio or a hairdryer in your bathroom? Well, DON’T. And I don’t need to tell you why, just the words “electrocution hazard” are enough.

6- I guess since storing makeup in a bathroom makes sense for many women, so does storing jewelry! However, you shouldn’t store jewelry there as well since humidity can oxidize their materials making them lose their sheen.

Things Usually Kept in Your Bathroom When It Shouldn’t Be There

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