10 Terrible Things that Can Happen from Vitamin D Deficiency

The benefits of vitamin D are numerous and some of them are well-known like its importance in the absorption of calcium and its attachment to bones. As the presence of vitamin D is beneficial, its absence can have terrible consequences. The deficiency of this vitamin can result in health deterioration in many aspects that can lead to premature death. Here is what you may face if you don’t maintain your vitamin D levels:

10. Psoriatic Arthritis

Psoriatic arthritis is a condition that appears in a number of psoriasis patients whose joints become inflamed and hurtful upon being attacked by the immune system. More than half of psoriatic arthritis sufferers have low levels of vitamin D. The lack of the vitamin is thought to be a contributor to the increase of white blood cells which worsen inflammatory conditions.

9. Risk of Schizophrenia

The number of schizophrenic individuals who have vitamin D deficiency is double the number of those who have sufficient vitamin D levels. Further research is being made to explore the link between psychiatric health and vitamin D.

8. Dementia and Alzheimer’s

The efficiency of skin to use sunlight to make vitamin D decreases with aging. Hence, if an elderly had low levels of the vitamin from the first place, diseases related to aging such as dementia and Alzheimer’s become more likely to occur. For instance, those who were deficient in the nutrient were 125% more likely to develop dementia and 122% more likely to develop Alzheimer’s.

7. Depression

Areas of the brain which are responsible for mood regulation such as the hippocampus have vitamin D receptors, so decreased levels of the vitamin probably affects their function. Consequently, vitamin D deficient individuals had twice the risk of having depression than those who had good levels of the nutrient.

6. Prostate Cancer

Although the direct link between low levels of vitamin D and prostate cancer isn’t clear, men with low levels of vitamin D were at a risk that is greater by 4 to 5 times of getting aggressive prostate cancer. The prevention of such an agonizing cancer is possible by checking vitamin D levels and regulating them.

5. Heart Disease

Vitamin D helps the immune system function correctly and prevent inflammation. If inflammation is high in the body, blood vessels such as coronary arteries become more prone to clogging and thus more likely to result in heart disease.

4. Lower Chance of Surviving Cancer

The survival rates of patients suffering from colorectal cancer, breast cancer or lymphoma is strongly linked to the levels of vitamin D. In fact, breast cancer patients who had moderate levels of vitamin D have twice the chance of surviving the cancer.

3. Multiple Sclerosis

Vitamin D deficiency speeds up the development of neuromuscular disorders like Parkinson’s disease and multiple sclerosis. Supplying MS patients with the nutrient slows down the growth of new brain lesions and decreases the rate of relapse. Therefore, vitamin D doesn’t only help in the prevention of MS but it also helps with the treatment of the disease.

2. Pneumonia

Once again the effect of vitamin D on the immune system appears in the respiratory system. Low levels of vitamin D weaken the immune system against respiratory infection thus putting a person at a higher risk of catching pneumonia.

1. Premature Death

Researches reveal that vitamin D deficiency in the blood increases the risk of premature death to all causes. Good levels of vitamin D in the blood should be above 30ng/mL in order to avoid the ending of your life at a young age. There is no need to go above 50ng/mL as it has no health benefits.

Vitamin D Deficiency

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