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6 Things That Will Happen When You Have a Nurse as a Life Partner

Our professions are one of the many things that contribute to forming our characters. However, some professions, such as nursing, are more than just jobs. They can change your whole life, and even change you – as a person – completely. So, how does your life change when you have a nurse as a life partner? What do you expect to happen?

1- “How was your day” won’t be that easy or common of a question anymore. Once your ask your partner – who is a nurse – about their day, the answer will be either sad, weird or disgusting. But if you really do love your nurse partner, you will not find these tales weird, but colorful and interesting.

2- Messages and calls to your partner will never stop, even when they are off work. Even nurses have friends and families! And those friends and families have health questions and concerns they want to make sure of by asking someone who works in the medical field. So, don’t expect your nurse partner to be far from their mobile phone for over 15 minutes!

3- A nurse is always ready. Whether you have a headache, an upset tummy, a flu or a strained muscle somewhere, you will not need to go to the drugstore. Your very own nurse has fully equipped your house for whatever you may need for these trivial matters.

4- Your nurse husband/wife will not come back from work at regular hours. This is nothing like any other profession. Nurses have crazy work hours. There are now daycare centers who accept to babysit kids throughout the night because their parents – who are in the medical field – work crazy hours.

5- Sometimes, you will feel like your partner is speaking a totally different language. A part of a nurse’s life is medical work and everything related to it. Your nurse will be talking about her work and all the weird terminology associated with it. And as a good partner, you should keep your smartphone with you at all times to look up these new words.

6- You have to keep your nurse partner’s plans in mind at all times. This is the profession of someone who saves lives. So, it won’t do you any good to throw tantrums and act like a spoilt child just because you don’t see your partner enough. Try to be as supportive and understanding as possible.

6 Things That Will Happen When You Have a Nurse as a Life Partner

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