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6 Things All Gorgeous Women have in Common

Although the word “gorgeous” is usually associated with looks, it has many aspects other than appearances when it is given to human beings in general, and women in particular. So what are “gorgeous” women? They are not women who look pretty, famous or skillful at using makeup. They are women who have the following characteristics:

1- They let others chase after them instead of chasing after others. Gorgeous women believe in destiny. It is the fact that if you are meant to be with someone, you will be with them no matter what happens. So instead of focusing on doing things that make others like them, they do things that they like. Gorgeous women say, “I love myself and I love making myself better for myself, whether others like me or not is fine by me”.

2- They control their thoughts and emotions perfectly. Gorgeous women are well aware of the fact that life is full of hurdles and difficulties. So, they don’t cry and get pissed about the challenges they face, even when they feel deeply hurt and damaged. Even when they do, they will not do it to draw the sympathy and attention of others. Instead, gorgeous women busy themselves with useful activities to take their mind of the pain.

3- They are not chatterboxes. Gorgeous women know quite well that there is nothing to gain from gossiping about others. Being mature and gorgeous entails not stressing yourself about things that aren’t any business of your own. They leave empty gossip to empty-headed un-gorgeous women.

4- They do not crave attention. Gorgeous women know that they are gorgeous, and they do not wait for others to tell them that they are. They do not waste hours on selfies, Facebook, Instgram posting all sorts of trivial things trying to draw attention. Being gorgeous is feeling gorgeous which is something that cannot be received from others.

5- They do not let themselves become the weaker passive party in relationships. Gorgeous women know that there is a big difference between loving your partner truly and sacrificing yourself for them. A gorgeous woman never gives up her dreams and hopes to please her partner, because she would then be lacking in confidence that she has all she needs for her partner to love her truly.

6- She is smart. A major part of what makes a gorgeous woman gorgeous is not her looks, but her brains. The intelligence and education of a gorgeous woman is what draws others towards her, not how she applies make up.

6 Things All Gorgeous Women have in Common

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