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Things You Should Expect When You Are in a Relationship with a Narcissist

What is a narcissist? And what does being a narcissit entail? According to psychology, being a narcissist means that a person is characterized by certain qualities, such as extreme egotism, extreme feelings of being important and megalomania. Fantasizing about accomplishing extraordinary deeds and achieving incomparable success. Manipulating and exploiting others.

Incapability to put one’s self in others’ shoes. Arrogance and hatred for others’ success. I bet you would think now that spotting a narcissist would be so easy since they are so horrid! However, narcissist are masters at deceiving others, and to spot them, and you need to recognize certain traits in them, such as:

1- The first time you meet a narcissist, he/she would seem like anything but what they truly are. A narcissist will put on an act to manipulate you into thinking that he/she is something they are completely different from. You will only realize the truth much later when you are totally a putty in a narcissist’s hands.

2- A romantic relationship with a narcissist partner is neither stable nor secure. A narcissist finds it pleasurable to play and toy with you bringing you up and down just for kicks. A narcissist derives great pleasure from feeling that they have you completely under their control.

3- A narcissist is a chameleon that takes its prettiest color before you. That is, until you get to know a narcissist well, or until a narcissist has some means to control you, they only show you their prettiest and most pleasant side.

4- Narcissists have authority issues. They love being in control and taking control of things. One way to see a narcissist for what he/she truly is, is taking away their control over things or over you. This triggers their defense mechanisms and brings their true nature to the surface.

5- They do everything for the sake of appearing right and look like they are right even when they aren’t. In other words, they are powerful at arguments, and you can expect a narcissist to argue until hell freezes over just to prove himself right at something, even if it is known for a fact that it is wrong.

6- They are megalomaniac. If you are in a romantic relationship with a narcissist, do not expect them to treat you as equal. They would only treat you as if it is such an honor that they have graced you with their company and a little bit of affection.

Things You Should Expect When You Are in a Relationship with a Narcissist

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