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5 Things You Can Do Right Now to Make Your Day less Depressing

I bet that when I say something like, “the world is saddening” or “life is devoid of happiness” you would answer right back with something like, “This is the understatement of the year!”. And you would be right with that, because our modern life is full with things that stress us and makes us miserable. However, there are things you could do to cure that such as:

1- Do a very short workout session. Working out was proved to have a very positive effect on mental health not just physical one. So few squats, some light jogging or jumping in place and few stretches can make your mood much much better.

2- Do your daily good deed (or more). Kindness brings out the best inside each one of us. It makes us think things like, “I am good with others and I bet there are others who will be good with me as well.”

3- Laugh hardships away. Thankfully, we have now internet with all the things in it that can make us repel depression with laughter even if it is just for a few minutes. So when you feel like you’ve had it, watch some funny animals’ videos on your laptop.

4- Have a little chat with someone you love. The first and most important reason why people need family and friends is that they want to lean on them in the times of hardship. So, when you feel that the weight of the world is too much for you, call your wife, girlfriend, mom, son…etc.

5- Get out. Maybe running away from work wouldn’t be that wise (or rewarding), but you could at least give yourself a ten-minute break. So when you think that enough is enough, ask someone to cover for you for ten minutes and have a little walk outside.

Things You Can Do Right Now to Make Your Day less Depressing

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