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Seven Things To Completely Avoid During Pregnancy

When your body becomes a home for a new life that still don’t see the light yet is such a miraculous thing, during pregnancy and because of the responsibility you should be taking care of, you should be very cautious about what you do, eat or get in contact with, because while your body can manage certain things, a fetus body may not be able to manage these things, there are certain activities that become dangerous during pregnancy and should be avoided, this is what we will be discussing on this article, the things that every pregnant woman should avoid, so if you are an expecting mother and want to provide the best and safest environment for your unborn baby, read on this article it will be of benefit for you.

– Taking Rides At Amusement Parks.

Water slides and roller coaster rides and any other similar activities that increase your adrenaline levels in your body may feel fun to you but they are extremely dangerous for your pregnancy, the unsafe landings and the unrecognized fear these types of activities put on your body can lead to miscarriage.

– Riding Horses.

The posture you take when you are riding a horse put excessive pressure on your lower abdomen where the uterus is, the movement of the horse and how it affect your body can cause your cervix to open, the thing that lead to miscarriage or preterm birth.

– Practicing Water Sports.

Water sports like skating and diving are unpredictable and you don’t know how the force of the water will effect your body, it is a strict no during pregnancy as these types of activities are not considered safe for your body and the fetus.

– Snow Riding.

Just like water sports, show riding is a strict no during pregnancy as these type of activities are dangerous and adventurous that mean they carry a chance of harm for thou and you unborn baby, so it is better to stay away from such activities.

– Consuming Dangerous Substances.

Chemicals like tobacco and alcohol are harmful at anytime but specifically during pregnancy they cross the placenta and reach to your baby, the thing that cause harm for your baby’s nerve system, such substances also cause poor growing and chances of the baby getting born underweight with brain growth problems, so you must stay away from smoking and drinking alcohol during pregnancy.

– Indulging In Feta Cheese.

Feta cheese which is a popular ingredient in many of our favorite dishes like Greek salad, pizza and pastas may be carrying an illness called Listeriosis, this illness will cause symptoms like those you experience with a flu, but for a pregnant woman, this illness will burden the unborn baby which is too delicate to have to deal with such a burden at this early time of his life.

– Excessive Intake Of Caffeine.

Caffeine should be taken in moderation during the pregnancy, too much caffeine cause mental problems for your fetus, plus it stops your body from absorbing essential nutrients your fetus need such as folic acid, calcium and iron, you are allowed to take one cup of coffee a day or maximum three cups of green tea a day.

Avoid During Pregnancy

Seven Things To Completely Avoid During Pregnancy

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