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5 Things You Should Clean but Most Likely Don’t

What does cleaning mean to you and to people in general? Is it keeping things as sanitized and germ free as possible? Is it to clean the things you are using and toss the things you don’t in the attic? Or is it just making things “look” clean? If you answer the last two questions as yes then there are probably things you need to clean but you usually don’t, such as:

1- Smart phones are very important and necessary devices right now. This means you hold them all the time and get all sorts of bacteria and germs to and from them. To clean a smart phone, Wet a piece of cloth with some alcohol or a hand sanitizer and wring it well, then rub your smart phone gently with it.

2- I think only very few people think about cleaning their toothbrushes. It is because they think, “we are scrubbing them with the toothpaste while washing our teeth”. But this really isn’t cleaning and the plaque you remove from your teeth may build up at the base of the toothbrush bristles. To clean your toothbrush, soak it in a cup full of vinegar for half an hour weekly.

3- Do you know that toothbrush holders received third place in the dirtiest-things-in-our-houses statistics? A dirty toothbrush holder can transfer bacteria and germs to your toothbrush. Detach the base of the toothbrush holder to get to the inside. Scrub the inside with a brush and some dish soap and water.

4- How long have your ice tray been in your freezer without cleaning? Wash your ice tray by hand or put it in your dishwasher. To get rid of calcium sulfide build ups, soak it in a 1:1 vinegar and water solution.

5- Just because you scrub your body with soap using a loofah doesn’t mean that your loofah is clean! Loofahs gather deadskin and bacteria inside them with time. Get two shower loofahs and soak each of them alternatively in a bleach/water solution and air dry it in the sun.

Things You Should Clean but Most Likely Don't

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