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6 Things You Shouldn’t Clean with s Dishwasher

For many women, dishwashers are the greatest and most useful invention. They save you time and effort you hate to waste on washing lots of things. However, there are things that might be damaged if washed in a dishwasher, and others that might even do the harm to your dishwasher, and thus shouldn’t be put in it, including:

1- Sharp large knives shouldn’t be washed in a dishwasher since their edges can get to the plastic parts and scratch or damage them. However, new dishwashers are prepped with a special rack for knives, and in this case you can wash knives safely in them.

2- It isn’t wise to wash wooden cutting boards with a dishwasher. Wooden cutting boards are covered with a finish that can be damaged with long hot circles in your dishwasher. Moreover, exposure to hot water for a long time for any type of wooden kitchen tools is not recommended.

3- Cast iron skillets are perfect for cooking, not for dishwashers. A cast iron skillet is prepared for use by coating it in oil then burning it in a stove. Washing a cast iron skillet in a dishwasher leads to removing this thin layer.

4- Inherited china shouldn’t be washed in a dishwasher. This type of china dates back to over a hundred years sometimes, and washing it in a dishwasher might make the china crack or wash off the art on it.

5- Labeled bottles or containers shouldn’t be washed in a dishwasher. You won’t guarantee that the labels will be removed (since they are usually stuck with an oil based glue), and if they are actually removed, they will be stuck in your dishwasher pipes creating problems that may need a lot of money to fix.

6- Copper pots shouldn’t be washed in a dishwasher. Dishwasher’s detergent and hot water are too harsh for their finish and might make them lose their beautiful look.

Things You Shouldn’t Clean with s Dishwasher

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