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Four Things Your Breasts Indicate About Your Health

Your breasts can give you a hint about your feminine health, they can give the first sign of pregnancy, they can reflect your hormonal changes, and also enhance your beauty, there are many things your breasts can say about your health and here is a list of a few of them.

1- Growing Size.

When you notice your breasts are growing in size it is most likely an issue related to weight gain, breasts are made off mainly fat cells and glandular tissue, they are also one of the first places in the body to store fat,

however other factors associated with growing breast size can include hormonal changes any shifts of fluctuation in estrogen and progesterone affect the breasts immediately, that is why once your hormones levels start rising during the first weeks of pregnancy your breasts start getting tender and enlarging, also during breastfeeding it is normal for your breast size to grow, there shouldn’t be any need to worry.

2- Shrinking Size.

Shrinking size of the breasts can be simply a result of weight loss, however it is also a part of menopause as a sign of failing levels of estrogen, if your breast size is shrinking and you are also experiencing other problems like Acnes and increases facial hair the problem could be Polycystic Ovarian.

3- Big Breasts Don’t Put You At High Risk Of Developing Breast Cancer.

Although large breasts is more linked with breast cancer , the size is not exactly the reason for developing breast cancer, no studies were provided to cause concern for those with large breasts size, genes are more to be blamed for both the size of your breasts and your tendency of developing breast cancer.

4- Your Breasts Change Shape For Different Reasons.

The change of your breasts shape is very normal and is caused by how many times you got pregnant, how many times your breastfeed your children, it is also associated with age, as you age connective tissues in your breasts breakdown while ligaments stretch causing the skin to loses its elasticity and form the tear drop shape.

Breasts Indicate About Your Health

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