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5 Things Your Boss Never Wants to Hear from You

It is an unspoken rule that people need to adopt a certain façade when they are at work, because being yourself in this case might not get you the desired results. This naturally means that there are things we can should or shouldn’t say at work. However, one thing is for certain: There are things that can get you on your boss’s bad side when said.

1- “I will try to do it”. Your boss doesn’t want to hear this from you simply because you are paid your salary to do not to try. Moreover, “I will try” conveys hesitation, lack of both enthusiasm and motivation. If you find something difficult to do or finish in a certain amount of time, state that it is and ask for less amount of work or get some help.

2- “What do you think I should do with…?” You are hired to solve the issues you face at work, not to ask others how to. Asking your boss how to do your job wastes both your and his time and conveys the idea that you are not worthy of your job.

3- “Sure, no problem” While this may seem cheerful and enthusiastic to you, it doesn’t seem so to your boss. What it seems like when you are saying that to your boss is that you have gracefully accepted to do something you shouldn’t need to, which isn’t the case.

4- Apologizing when you have or haven’t done something wrong. Instead of apologizing when you DO some mistake, fix it. And DO NOT apologize when you haven’t done anything wrong. Bosses want others to respect them, NOT be intimidated by them.

5- Bosses hate it when you say something like “This will probably fix it/work etc.” If you are not sure a certain method will work, then look for a method that you are sure WILL. What bosses think when you say such phrase is that you are wasting the company’s work and efforts with ideas that might fail.

Things Your Boss Never Wants to Hear from You

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