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Things Your Boss Does That Mean You Should Look for a New Job

During the time you spend in your career path, you meet several types of people, one of which is your boss. Sometimes, your boss is a blessing, a person who inspires you and teaches you how to be better at your job and in life in general.

Sometimes, however, a boss is someone who bleeds you dry, harasses you, wastes your efforts and talent or make you doubt them. How to recognize such a curse-of-a-boss is in the following lines.

1- Any business has people who don’t want it to flourish or progress, but a business run by a boss that will consume you physically and emotionally has the most enemies. When you are planning to work for a certain boss, Google him and his company. If he is a lousy person you will find plenty of trash on him on YouTube, Facebook…etc.

2- Lousy bosses get a kick from abusing their authority. They are rude, vulgar and mean in a sadistic way. They would launch their verbal abuse if you come to work a minute late, and if you do come to work on time, they would try to find any reason to abuse you, even if your work is spotless.

3- We often watch scenes in movies and TV dramas where a boss hire a secretary just because she’s pretty and then starts to molest or harass her. We laugh at these shows because they seem far-fetched, but in truth, these things do happen, and when they do, they are not a laughing matter at all.

If you notice in a job interview that your boss-to-be is eying you as if you were a piece of meat, just run. Believe me, starving is better than working with such a boss!

Things Your Boss Does That Mean You Should Look for a New Job

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