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Things You Should Avoid Saying When Talking to a Parent

Parenting is a great and rewarding experience in so many ways only a parent could perceive. Nevertheless, parents sacrifice many pleasures in life non-parents enjoy, and with these lost pleasures, many good opportunities are lost as well. Therefore, it can really annoy and sadden them to hear certain things from those around them, such as:

1- “I would have invited you to our party but it is adults-only”. This is something parents hate to hear. It is just another rude version of saying, “We don’t like to see you in our gatherings anymore because you have kids”. It is not like parents can “assign” their children to the care of strangers to attend your precious party.

2- “I was thinking of training myself on baby responsibility by adopting a pet”. This is something people say to parents thinking it makes them look clever when it only makes them look stupid. Taking care of pets is nothing even remotely similar to taking care of children.

3- “You didn’t have these dark circles on your eyes before you had a baby”. WOW, it is so strange to look tired if I have a baby. Of course he/she is tired. Taking care of your weak vulnerable offspring is a 24/7 job. If you have a day job you let your spouse take care of the child and hope nothing happens when you are juggling your other job. So, looking tired is expected.

4- “Your child is misbehaving. I wouldn’t raise him this way if I were you”. Besides the obvious insult, you act as if the future is within your control, and also as if you exactly know all the ins and outs of being a parent even when you don’t have kids of your own.

5- “How come you have never heard about this movie? It has been on all cinemas for over a month now” Parents don’t keep track of the latest blockbuster movies simply because they need to take care of their children around the clock. Sometimes they could barely squeeze in enough time to eat and sleep.

Things You Should Avoid Saying When Talking to a Parent
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