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Five Things You Should Avoid When Doing Laundry

Unfortunately most of our knowledge about cleaning and maintain the house are inherited from our mothers and grand mothers, therefore we brought you this article to correct some of the wrong understandings about washing laundry you may have, so read on.

1- Don’t Rub Stains Too Strongly : The first thing you do when you see a stain on a light colored pieces of cloth is bringing a harsh brush and start rubbing the stain really strong, but that can cause the colors to fade and that area of cloth to get weak, therefore we recommend using a wet white towel to rub the stains gently.

2- Don’t Use Too Much Detergents : Unlike the common conception that using too much detergents can get your cloth clean, what happens is the opposite, too much detergents can bile up on the cloth causing stains or discoloration of the cloth specially white clothes, so just use a suitable amount for the amount of laundry you have and don’t go over the top.

3- Don’t Use Too Much Bleaches : Some of us tend to use too much bleaches specially on stained clothes, but bleaches can get your cloth weak and may even change the color, you can simply use lemon juice, vinegar in boiling water as a safer substitute to bleaches.

4- Not Having Your Jeans Zipped Up : Another common mistake most of us do while doing laundry is not getting jeans and pants zipped up, the metal zippers can cause damage to the rest of the clothes so you want to make sure anything with zippers are properly zipped up.

5- Don’t Wait Too Long To Turn On The Drier : Another common mistake is waiting for long time after the wash us done before turning on the drying program, try to put your clothes in the diet immediately after washing them, that can help you with the ironing later on and even save power.
Avoid When Doing Laundry