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6 Things You Should Never Accept from a Partner in a Romantic Relationship

Romantic Relationships start for various reasons one of which is love. However, most romantic relationships end including those that were initiated for love because one of either parties is abusing the other one way or another. Abuse is not just verbal or physical. There are many other forms of abuse one shouldn’t accept, including:

1- Mocking and insulting you for your body flaws. These flaws are the ones hardest to fix. Sometimes body flaws need a lot of time, will and effort to cure such as excess weight. In other times they need surgeries. In both cases, one shouldn’t accept to be shamed for them.

2- Mocking and insulting you for your career. If your partner mocks you for your career, that means he thinks you are below him. This also means that your partner likes you for what you have rather than who you are. You shouldn’t accept it either way.

3- “It is all in your head” shouldn’t be accepted either. This means a partner who accuses you of being paranoid or delusional when you confront him with his mistakes, like cheating, lying etc.

4- Belittling you for your romantic history is another unacceptable type of abuse. If your partner does that, then he should have stated that he wants someone with no romantic history from the very beginning, not wait until the relationship gets serious then starts slamming you with your past experiences.

5- Pressuring you into doing what he wants is another abuse many women don’t recognize. It happens like this: your partner wants you to do something and when you refuse he starts treating you coldly and with neglect to pressure you into doing it.

6- Ignoring you when you talk and interrupting your speech is another unacceptable abuse. It shows that your partner doesn’t like you, and that he doesn’t care what you think or say.

 Things You Should Never Accept from a Partner in a Romantic Relationship

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