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5 Things You Should Know about Vegetable Oils

Vegetable oil is one of the basic ingredients we need for making almost any dish. However, there are so many types of vegetable oils and many arguments were raised about using vegetable oil and the health risks caused as a result of using them. Naturally, this is causing a lot of confusion to people. I will list in this articles some things you should know about vegetable oil that may help you know what type of vegetable oil you should choose.

1- Some types of vegetable oils are not highly refined, and some are rich in omega 6 fatty acids. These types of vegetable oil oxidize faster than others over time. So don’t buy vegetable oil in bulk.

2- It is better to store vegetable oil as far away from heat and light as possible. So places like next to the stove or the oven, and facing kitchen window are poor choices when it comes to storing vegetable oil. There are also oils that can be refrigerated such as flaxseed oil.

3- Every type of vegetable oil has a smoke point. You should research the smoke point of the vegetable oil you are using since oil becomes toxic when it reaches the smoke point. This also means that there are certain oils for frying and others for salad or low flame cooking.

4- Being refined doesn’t necessarily mean that it is good. People choose highly refined vegetable oil because it endures high temperature better, but at what cost? They are stripped of almost all the nutrients and minerals inside them, not to mention that they taste and smell nothing like their original sources.

5- Some types of oil are said to be healthy and promote weight loss such as coconut oil. Although it might be true that some oils don’t make food as fattening and unhealthy as others, this doesn’t mean you can go all out and just eat food that has soaked up coconut oil and expect to lose weight at it too.

Vegetable Oils

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