The World’s Largest Private Yacht

The eclipse was known as the largest yacht in the world till Azzam yacht broke the record in April 2013. At least, the eclipse is the most private and luxurious private yacht ever seen because it may take about 24 VIPs with their families in vacations through the Caribbean or Mediterranean seas.

The eclipse is considered as one of the biggest and most secure and private yachts because of its owner’s keenness to ensure his guests’ comfort and peace of mind. The yacht is owned by Roman Abromovich who installed flashlight sensors to detect the lights of cameras. This unique feature will enable the famous stars to spend special times alone or with their families away from the flashes of the camera. To give his guests more privacy, Abromovich specified a private garden for every family separating these areas using central foyers.

In addition to the privacy, the security is one of Abromovich top priorities. The yacht is armed with latest technological defense systems such as bullet-proof glass and missile detectors to let the guests enjoy the attractive sights of the sea safely. Moreover, the outstanding service and welfare means on the yacht such as launch boats, swimming pools, and the mini-submarine attracted most of the VIPs to spend their vacations there.

However, Azzam becomes the biggest fastest and most luxurious yacht in the world since it was manufactured and launched in 2013. The yacht’s size is about 180 meters, about two football fields or twelve double-decker buses, and its speed can reach 30 knots, or 56kph. The yacht has a main salon and open plan design to ensure a luxury look inside the yacht. She was manufactured by a German company and purchased by the Emirate’s royal family topped by the UAE President Sheikh Khalifa bin Zaid Al-Nahyan.

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