The Majestic Colors of Jodhpur – “The Blue City”


Jodhpur is the only city in Rajasthan that stands firmly to its tag of blue city. The sea of aqua blue houses is said to be the outcome of the extent of the purest of Indian castes “Brahmins”. In the past, Brahmins used to paint their houses in blue in order to distinct themselves from other castes in India. Even though this caste system had slowly weakened, everyone is still painting their houses blue to uphold the city’s traditions. It’s also believed that the blue color acts as a mosquito and termites repellent.

Merely walking in the streets if Jodhpur will leave you refreshed and delighted as the color of the houses reflects the color of the blue sky. However, blue isn’t the only color of Jodhpur. A walk in one of those homes or a visit to one of the opulent palaces will give you an idea of the psychedelic colors of the city.

You’ll encounter many elaborate paintings, gold trimmed furniture, and even the attire of the inhabitants speaks volumes of the Jodhpurian culture. The deep magentas, aqua blues, pulsating pinks, parrot greens and piping oranges tell the story of people who managed to create a heaven amidst sandstorms and the hot desert climate.
One thing besides the colors is the awesome Mehrangarh Fort that dominates the skyline of a city that is enchanting to the core. An auto rickshaw can drove you up the steep hill towards the Fort. Once you get up there, one hundred and twenty meters above the city, you’ll finally realize how this city gained its tag of “Blue City”.

The blue color of the houses contrasts deeply with the drab arid sandy exteriors. Wind through the opulent quarters of the Maharajas and the informative tour will tell you more about the history of the fort. The fortification is a majestic combination of solid defensive architecture and ornate luxurious themes. Even the huge wooden gates of the fort is built cleverly so that the path would turn sharply causing enemy elephants to lose all steam and ability to shatter down the gates.
You will see lattice screens covering the windows and huge canons protecting the walls. The colored glass windows are filtering the light into the sumptuous interiors where period artifacts, paintings, and rich maroons reflect the splendid era of a world gone by.

The Majestic Colors of Jodhpur The Majestic Colors of Jodhpur The Majestic Colors of Jodhpur The Majestic Colors of Jodhpur The Majestic Colors of Jodhpur

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