The Hazardous Physical and Mental Impacts of Commute

As you might tell, the back-and-forth daily trips to work can be very bothering and tiresome. It’s necessary to be aware of the troubles we face as we are forced to this situation.

Effect on your Back : Being seated in the wrong posture for a long period of time can seriously affect your back and neck causing pain. To avoid such misshapenness, alert yourself with ways to straighten up your posture.

Exhaustion : It’s proven that people who spend more time in commute face a harder time sleeping. As your sleep grow poor, you become more and more exhausted during the day.

High Blood Sugar Levels : Spending a lot of time on the road causes your blood sugar levels to rise. Therefore, as you spend extensive time in commute, you are at the risk of acquiring diabetes.

Unstable Blood Pressure : Blood pressure is associated with the amount of time you spend in commute. The longer your commute is, the higher your blood pressure gets. Another reason that troubles the stability of your blood pressure is the stress factor. You are usually stressed out when you find yourself late for work, stress elevates your blood pressure and that usually occurs daily. Avoid the risk, leave home early and have a calmer ride.

Poor Cardiovascular Fitness : Cardiovascular fitness is important and necessary for your heart’s health and for staying in shape. Spending a lot of time seated on the way to and back from work lowers your cardiovascular fitness level.

Depression and Anxiety : Research has established that long time spent in commute has a negative effect on your happiness and satisfaction. It increases anxiety and individuals who experience it have a high risk of depression. It’s recommended to try to fill up the time spent on commute reading or listening to music.

The Hazardous Physical and Mental Impacts of Commute