The hands reflect many aspects about the person

The hands reflect many aspects about the person, his talents, worries, uniqueness, weakness, strength, abilities, ambition, etc, we have always been curious to find out what lies in our future, palmistry is a science that predict person’s characteristics by the lines, depth and mounts of the hand which can tell a lot about us, below are some interesting facts about palmistry so read on.

1- The Originality Of Palmistry.

Palmistry is an ancient science that was originated in India, then moved to China where it was studied more and later moved to Greece and ancient Egypt.

2- Which Hand Represent What.

In palmistry the left hand usually represent the past life and the right hand for the present and the future, however the hand that is most active is usually the hand that is being read, that means, left hand for those who use left hand more and right hand for those who use the right hand more.

3- The Size Of Your Hand Speaks About You.

In palmistry those who have very large hands are believed to be thinkers and they spend most of their time thinking about things, while those with small hands are believed to be active, spontaneous about the life and restless.

4- The Length Of The Fingers.

In palmistry, those with long fingers most likely are perfectionists, that mean they like to perfect and finish tasks before starting new ones, while those with short fingers tend to be more impulsive and like to start new tasks before finishing the old ones.

5- The Lines Of The Hands.

The small lines on the hand and fingers change regularly every five to six month, while the small lines on the thumb remain the same forever.

6- The Way You Think Is Related To Your Hands Lines.

Palmistry claims that the small lines in your hand change accordingly to the way you think, if you think positively they shape in a certain way and if you usually think negatively they will have a specific look that will give the palmist the idea.

7- Hand Is Read Only After 18 Years Old.

Before the person turn 18, the lines in the hand are not completely developed yet, and can’t reflect a clear idea about the person, so palmists usually read the hands for those who are above 18 only.

8- What The Three Big Lines In The Hand Represent.

The three big lines in each hand are believed to represent heart, head and life, each line is responsible to reflect an idea or image about the aspect it is responsible for.

9- Best Time To Read The Palm.

Palmistry claims that early morning right after waking up and before eating anything is the best time to read the palm. One extra interesting fact about palmistry is that, the more lines on your hand the less lucky you are and vice versa.

The hands reflect many aspects about the person

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