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The Eight Most Effective Teas For Losing Weight

People have been drinking teas for thousands of years for its healing and calming properties , among the many health benefits of teas is boosting the metabolic process in your body which help you burn fat and curb your appetite , some teas have a stronger effect than others and on this article we will list to you The Eight Most Effective Teas For Losing Weight .

8- Hibiscus.

These lovely tasty flowers are packed with nutrients , minerals and flavonoids , hibiscus is effective in weight loss due to its amylase content that reduce the fat and carbohydrates absorption by breaking them down , Hibiscus tea is also effective for lowering blood pressure and its high antioxidants content will boost your immune system and protect your cells from the damaging free radicals .

7- Senna.

Senna is another powerful tea that can help you to lose weight, it has the ability to stabilize your blood sugar which reduce sugar carvings plus Senna tea is a great detoxing drink it has properties that help detoxing your blood and liver, However you should know that Senna tea should not be drank more than three times a week .

6- White Tea .

Although white tea is not that common as green tea but it is also very helpful in terms of losing weight as it slows the process of storing fat and it help burning the existing fat add to that its amazing ability of fighting stress and anxiety .

5- PU-ERH .

PU-ERH tea is not very common either , it is a type of black tea that Chinese people have been using for ages to lose weight , the herb is fermented naturally , the more aged the herb is the better the taste is , the herb is rich with enzymes that work on decomposing fat cells .

4- Chickweed .

Chickweed is popularly known to relief gas , bloating and upset stomach symptoms , it work as a natural laxative and diuretic which help you get rid of water weight , you should be drinking chickweed tea once or twice a day for a healthier digestive system .

3- Yerbe Mate .

This herbal tea is very commonly used in South America , it is has special particles that boost the fat burning process in your body , it also slow down the digesting process which suppress your appetite for longer time , it also work as a stimulant so it can be an alternative to your morning coffee .

2- Bilberry .

Bilberry tea is a wonderful tasty tea that will stabilize your blood sugar and keep your sugar carving under control , it is rich in powerful antioxidants that will keep your immune system strong in addition to its vision improving properties .

1- Green Tea .

Green tea is for no doubt the top of the list of weight loss teas, it is rich in powerful antioxidants and cetechins which improve your liver ability of processing fats and eventually help you losing weight in addition to the caffeine content in green tea that help suppressing your appetite and make you feel fuller for longer time , drink 3 to 5 cups of green tea or more if you like daily to improve your weight loss process and reduce your risks of heart diseases .

Teas For Losing Weight

The Eight Most Effective Teas For Losing Weight

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