3 of The Cheapest Places for Living in the World


Most of the adventurous families in the world tend to escape from the damaging effects of the world economic recession and the high prices of all commodities. These families or the similar individuals may sacrifice part of the luxury they are accustomed to live in, seeking for an affordable way of living. If you are one of these people, prepare yourself to change your way of living and choose the suitable country of the following list according to its geographical site and quality of living.

Karachi is one of the cities that have low cost of living in different fields including the housing, transportation, healthcare, education, and grocery. The City of Lights, as it is called, has about 23.5 million people living there and it is considered as one of the largest urban cities in the world and the largest city in the Muslim world. There are a lot of job opportunities in Karachi because it has the central bank, different industries, and other economic activities. Such a city can be ideal as an affordable place in south Asia.

The Nepali city of Kathmandu is another cheap urban city that has about 3 million inhabitants. The economy of this city is based mainly on the agriculture because it lies on a lack basin between India and China. The second income source in Kathmandu is the tourism that depends mainly on the natural scenes of the city’s impressive landscape. The regular electric supply in the city comes from the Nepal Electricity Authority; while the water supply is provided with the Kathmandu Upatyaka Khanepani Limited.

Heading towards the North African countries, you can opt for Algiers city that has low costs of housing, education, grocery, transportation, and healthcare. However, the city is considered as a principal financial center in Algeria.

The Cheapest Places for Living in the World The Cheapest Places for Living in the World The Cheapest Places for Living in the World The Cheapest Places for Living in the World The Cheapest Places for Living in the World

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